CleanHike Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Fresh, Clean Water Once Again. No Scrubbing Needed.
Make sure your water tastes right every sip. We’ll turn back time to make your water bottle looking and feeling brand new again, only this time- without the draining scrubbing process.

What is it?
Effervescent, no-scrub cleaning tablets for home use. Upon contact with water, the tablets release a gentle oxygen fizz that eliminates odor and effectively removes any grease, stains, or mineral buildup to restore the fresh water taste. Individually packaged for easy use on the go.

How does it work?

Eliminate lingering odor and taste
Remove stubborn stains or buildup
Easy Use. No scrubbing needed
Maintain cleanliness in hard-to-reach areas
Works on all types of containers

How does it work?

  1. Fill bottle with warm water and drop one Cleanhike tablet
  2. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes. The solution will produce a gentle fizz to clean
  3. Rinse thoroughly & Enjoy!

* Use hot water & leave it overnight for stubborn stains or odor

* For cleaning caps and small accessories, fill a bowl with warm water and just drop in another tablet!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Quick and Easy Use on Any Container
All you need is a single tablet and some warm water. After 15 minutes, voilá! your water bottle will be good as new once again. Let the fizz strip your water bottle of any unpleasant smell, taste, or any stubborn stains.

Ideal for Traveling and Camping
Each tablet is individually packaged for portability and ultimate quality preservation. Always have it ready to go whether you’re on the road, on a flight, or simply having a picnic in your backyard.

Safe and Powerful Formula
All of our tablets have passed numerous trials to test their safety and efficacy. We are proud to say that they were proven to be up to the standards and that’s why we’re putting them on the market for everyone that could benefit from them.

Anywhere, Anytime!

Each tablet is made up of powdered material, making it easy to carry on board without worrying about it bursting with pressure changes. No need to be concerned about the bottle size either.

Road Trip
As it is individually packaged, each packet makes sure the tablet stays together while you’re on the go.

The packaging is durable, so no water or humidity can damage the pill before use. Enjoy the maximum fizzyness with each cleaning.

Purel can keep your hands clean, but how can you make sure your containers are safe to use? If you’d rather not use alcohol on containers where you will put your mouth on, you know you can trust formula made up of only pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients.

Tried & Tested

We care for you, and for our planet.
Our products are only made up of phamaceutical and food-grade ingredients, carefully crafted and meticulously tested numerous times to make sure that it’s completely safe and effective.

At CleanHike, we continuously strive to bring you the most effective cleaners for the most affordable prices.

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 2.6 × 4 × 6 in

12 reviews for Tumbler Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets – (30 Tablets) All Natural Ingredient, Great for All Stainless, Plastics, Ceramic and Glass Drinking Containers, Individually Packed

  1. Cait A


    I’m amazed that this worked the first time. I’m actually upset that I didn’t take a before photo of my yeti mug to post on here. I had taken my coffee mug to work and forgot to clean it for months. It had disgusting junk in it and I could not get it out no matter how hard I tried. I even soaked it in bleach water. I put one capsule in and shook/rinsed it after 15 minutes and it looks BRAND NEW. I feel very lame for being so excited about a cleaning product but I’m sharing this new discovery with all of my friends and family!

    4 people found this helpful
  2. Alex Theis

    Unbelievably good!

    I am in disbelief. These tablets work amazingly well to clean bottles and cups.I used them on my Hydroflasks and Yetis. These guys smelled and the Ckean Hike tabs totally fixed them. Unreal!I also used these on some stinky coffee mugs…boom! Fresh like new. I bought 3 more boxes to have on hand. These tabs are unbelievably good.

    7 people found this helpful
  3. Amazon Customer

    Like new…worked even better than expected.

    My travel mugs were pretty stained after many a cup of tea and coffee. Thought it was time to freshen them up. It cleaned mine on the first go round. I saw a few reviews about repeating washing. I think if you use as directed it’s pretty effective. Add 1 tablet to every 10 oz of water. Let sit for 15 minutes. Shake. I scrubbed mine a bit too. It smells really good and natural too. Very impressed. Would recommend and buy again.

    One person found this helpful
  4. IT Guy

    Did not really clean

    The tablets freshened my grungy water bottle and thermos but didn’t really have the cleaning action that I expected. Maybe I anticipated too much, or perhaps I need to try a second treatment. They do leave a minty scent, but most of the gunk was still left in my bottle. Probably great to get rid on the odor in a water-only bottle, or for a container that is already fairly clean. I might try shaking the bottle more during the treatment or using denture tablets instead next time.

    5 people found this helpful
  5. Amazon Customer

    Bottle Cleaner; it’s the best!

    I was so embarrassed when I used these tablets the first time. There was so much scum that was in my cup….and to think I had been drinking that every time I made a new cup of coffee. No wonder my stomach ached on many mornings. If you have a water bottle, coffee mug, or any type of container that you want really clean…this is the item for you. I approve this message.

    One person found this helpful
  6. JKGetts

    Works on coffee build up

    I have this one 20oz stainless tumbler that is my favorite to drink coffee out of. It has a design on the outside so it cannot go in the dishwasher. So, this left me hand washing it.After years of using it, there was quite a bit of staining on the inside, in spite of hand washing it. After a coworker saw my tumbler, I got embarrassed enough where I knew I needed to do something about it.I saw other options on Amazon but since this one has 30 tablets, it seemed to be the best value. Each tablet is individually wrapped which is a plus.I filled my tumbler with warm water, unwrapped a tablet and put it in the tumbler for 15 minutes as stated in the directions.After the 15 minutes, I shook it a little and dumped everything out. It was cleaner but there was still staining so I did another round. After the second round, the inside was almost as good as new!I was actually pretty impressed with the after result and how effective it was.Would definitely repurchase!

    17 people found this helpful
  7. Gigi

    Terrible product. Ruined my Contigo cup.

    I used this to clean my stainless steel Contigo travel mug. It seemed like it worked great until the inside of the mug turned black. I couldn’t get it clean again and had to throw it away.

    2 people found this helpful
  8. zulazfar


    Works like a charm

  9. Shannon P.

    It actually works

    I bought these tablets to save my Hydroflask from the garbage. My everyday Hydroflask is used for tea and it had become very dingy and discolored inside. It was so bad that I considered throwing it away. I used these tablets and the inside looks nearly brand new. I honestly did not expect them to work so well. If you need to clean your Hydroflask or Yeti I would try these tablets. It makes cleaning them a breeze.

  10. Jill C.

    Does exactly what it says on the packet

    No more stinky water bottles. I use these once a week to thoroughly clean my work water bottle and the school water bottles. They work a treat !

  11. Blutziyona

    Easy to use

    Hubby uses our glass bottles everyday and after being in the bottom rack of the dishwasher there’s always a film or soap residue left inside the top of the bottle. After using these tablets the first time I still had to gently wipe my finger on the inside to rub it off, but I didn’t have to scrub. I’m still having to wash the bottles 2x with this process(dishwasher, then tablet, then rinse with hot water) but at least the bottles are clean and don’t have a smell to them anymore while using them.

    3 people found this helpful
  12. Amy

    Slows down mildew in water bottles – love it!!

    This was amazing. Lately my water bottle has been getting really icky really quickly – even hand washing it with warm water and soap every other day, I’d wake up in the morning and my water would taste and smell kind of mildewy. By 24 hours it was disgusting. I thought it was my water filter because my water bottle used to be fine for a week or two without soap as long as I was drinking regularly and rinsing it. I wasn’t sure if this tablet would do anything because most reviews were about removing months or years of tea and coffee gunk and no one had posted about water, but I decided to try it. I used one on my BPA free plastic bottle and one on my boyfriend’s stainless steel bottle which also gets gross quickly.We are AMAZED. They rapid mildewing is gone, and surprisingly the effect was LARGER on the stainless steel bottle. Both have only ever been used for filtered water so I am surprised it worked so well on steel. My bottle is much better but still worse than his so it’s probably just degrading and time for new plastic.Much cheaper too than the other brand on here, like 2.5x cheaper.Nothing is nastier than waking up thirsty in the night and getting a mouthful of mildly mildewy water, ugh. I’m never going back!

    12 people found this helpful
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