CleanHike Hydration Pack Cleaning Tablets

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Scrubbing
Make sure your water tastes right every sip. Keep your hydration packs clean and restore that fresh water taste. Only this time- without the draining scrubbing process.

What is it?
Effervescent, no-scrub cleaning tablets for hydration packs. Upon contact with water, the tablets release a gentle oxygen fizz that eliminates odor and effectively removes any dust or mineral buildup to restore the fresh water taste. Individually packaged for easy use on the go.

How does it work?

Eliminate lingering odor and taste
Remove stubborn stains or buildup
Easy Use. No scrubbing needed
Maintain cleanliness in hard-to-reach areas
Works on all types of reservoirs

How does it work?

  1. Fill reservoir with warm water and drop one Cleanhike tablet
  2. In a separate bowl, dissolve 1-2 tablets and submerge hydration pack parts and accessories
  3. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes. The solution will produce a gentle fizz to clean
  4. Rinse thoroughly & Enjoy!

* Use hot water & leave it overnight for stubborn stains or odor

Why Our Customers Love Us

Quick and Easy Use
All you need is a single tablet and some warm water. After 15 minutes, voilá! your hydration pack will be good as new once again. Let the fizz strip away any unpleasant smell, taste, or any mineral or dust buildup while you focus on your activity.

Ideal for Traveling
Each tablet is individually packaged for portability and ultimate quality preservation. Always have it ready to go whether you are biking, hiking, camping, kayaking.. or even on a flight to your next activity destination!

Safe and Powerful Formula
All of our tablets have passed numerous trials to test their safety and efficacy. We are proud to say that they were proven to be up to the standards and that’s why we’re putting them on the market for everyone that could benefit from them.

Anywhere, Anytime!

Each tablet is made up of powdered material, making it easy to carry on board without worrying about it bursting with pressure changes. No need to be concerned about the bottle size either.

Hiking and Trekking
As it is individually packaged, each packet makes sure the tablet stays together while you’re on the go.

The packaging is durable, so no water or humidity can damage the pill before use. Enjoy the maximum fizziness with each cleaning.

Purel can keep your hands clean, but how can you make sure your containers are safe to use? If you’d rather not use alcohol on what you put your mouth on, you know you can trust formula made up of only pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients.

Tried & Tested

We care for you, and for our planet.
Our products are only made up of phamaceutical and food-grade ingredients, carefully crafted and meticulously tested numerous times to make sure that it’s safe for both you and the environment.

At CleanHike, we continuously strive to bring you the most effective cleaners for the most affordable prices.

10 reviews for Hydration Reservoir Backpack Cleaning Tablets – (30 Tablets) for Reservoir Pack or Hydration Bladder Kit, Quickly Removes Stubborn Stains & Odors, Individually Packed

  1. Tiffany

    Money Saver 👌🏼

    Actually saves you money!!! You’re drinking fresh, cold water from a clean stainless steel container without wasting money on bottled water – filling our landfills with disposable plastic. Cleaning my hydro bottle is now a snap!! Brilliant concept. 👍👍

  2. John P Hammond

    Great product

    Arrived super fast. Works great. Great product.

  3. Miguel G.

    Does the job!

    I have nothing else to compare it to but it does seem like it cleans and refreshes the bladder and tube out well. I have noticed the water does taste better and doesn’t have that chemical taste after cleaning and rinsing well.

  4. KC

    For those who hate to clean their bladders!

    Thank the good lord for these to make cleaning your bladders easier!

  5. Taymonk

    Not worth the savings

    Basically just denture cleaning tablets, which I have used in the past. Thought I could save some money compared to the other popular bottle cleaners, but these just don’t work all that well. Disappointed.

    3 people found this helpful
  6. Kieran S.

    Scratchy and Foamy Texture in Mouth

    This left a bad foamy scratchy texture in my mouth and throat even after thorough rinsing. I returned this item and bought “Bottle Bright” instead and had no issue with the alternative product.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not the best

    The tablets work ok… But they didn’t remove the staining and the funky/plastic flavor isn’t always removed. I have to use 2 tablets Everytime I clean my Camelbak. I will be probably buying name brand next time.

  8. Donna B.

    Gets the Tea Stains out

    I am using these tablets to get the tea stains out of my thermal cups and coffee stains out of my stainless steel coffee pot. They work pretty well with a little scrubbing. Also am using them in my kitty water fountain to clean it out before I wash It. I think it gets a lot of the junk out….

  9. Sky

    Clean and fresh

    I was very skeptical of this product. I am blown away that it actually worked to clean my smelly water bottle. I am taking this to Disney so my family can use the flavored additives in our water bottles but not have to worry about icky water bottles when we want to switch back to water.

    One person found this helpful
  10. Chris

    Works very well and easy to use

    The directions were very easy to follow and the process to clean the camelbak worked very well.

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