CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Make Your Espresso Machine Cleaning Simpler
Espresso machines are a staple of any barista, but due to its complex structure and millions of parts cleaning can be excruciating! It’s tragic that it cannot be skipped- because it’s critical for keeping the machine at its maximum lifetime and optimal performance.

Now, let us take the burden off your hands.

What is it?
Industrial-strength espresso machine cleaning tablets. Upon contact with water, the tablets release a gentle oxygen fizz that eliminates odor and effectively removes coffee grease to keep machine and its parts clean.

How does it work?

Eliminate lingering odor and taste
Removes stubborn grease and stains
Easy Use. No scrubbing needed
Maintains cleanliness in hard-to-reach areas
Accessible value for everyday use

How does it work?

  1. In a separate bowl, dissolve 1-2 tablets in hot water to clean filters and group handles
  2. Place 1 tablet in the brew basket (2 for extra powerful cleaning)
  3. Run brew cycle into the server and hold (Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damage)
  4. Discard solution and remove any residue
  5. Rinse all parts with clean water
  6. Brew and discard a cup of espresso to make sure no residue remains
  7. Start enjoying fresh shots again!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Quick and Easy Use
All you need is a single tablet and some warm water. After running 1 brew cycle, voilá! your espresso machine will be good as new once again. Let the fizz strip away any lingering coffee taste, grease, or any stubborn stains.

No-Stress, Accessible Value
To keep your espresso machines at its peak performance without breaking the bank, we have prepared an industrial-size and industrial-strength option.

Safe and Powerful Formula
All of our tablets have passed numerous trials to test their safety and efficacy. We are proud to say that they were proven to be up to standards and that’s why we’re putting them on the market for everyone that could benefit from them.

Anywhere, Anytime!

Reaches tricky areas
Your coffee passes through many parts of the machine that is not visible to the eye nor easily reachable. The formula is powerful enough to remove residue and grease in all passageways that the water passes until it reaches the cup.

Restores Fresh Espresso Taste
The oily residue can change the taste of the espresso, making it difficult to get the pure flavor of the beans. Clean it after each day to maintain the best-tasting coffee you can brew with your machine.

Helps extend machine life
Aside from the residue, mineral deposits dissolved in water can accumulate and ruin the heating elements in your machine. Prevent any damage with continuous cleaning and care.

Works on all coffee machines
The fast-acting tablets can be universally used on all brands of espresso machines, and even on automatic drip coffee makers and single cup coffee makers.

Tried & Tested

We care for you, and for our planet.
Our products are only made up of phamaceutical and food-grade ingredients, carefully crafted and meticulously tested numerous times to make sure that it’s safe for both you and the environment.

At CleanHike, we continuously strive to bring you the most effective cleaners for the most affordable prices.

25 reviews for Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – (100 Tablets) For Breville, Jura, Miele, and Universal Coffee Machine for All Brands – Professional Coffee Grease and Residue Cleaner for Baristas

  1. Smartly Created

    Super easy to use

    These are a great way to maintain your espresso machine! We have a Philips Saeco PicoBaristo super-automatic, and these are a better deal than the brand name ones, and they do just as good a job at cleaning the machine! Really happy with these!

  2. Tim Sander

    Cleans brew basket well, not for inside coffee maker though

    I bought these to use for my business to clean used coffee machines for resale. The small pellets don’t have any smell or anything right out of the packaging. I used one in a single serve coffee machine and set to brew a long cycle. These cleaners definitely removed debris and oils from the coffee basket that would have been much harder to clean by hand. I do really wish that this was for the inside of the coffee maker as well and not only for the brew basket, that wasn’t too apparent when ordering. Overall I will absolutely use these to save some time and elbow grease.

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  3. Mehetabelle

    Value for the money

    Most espresso machine cleaning tablets contain pretty much the same ingredients namely sodium carbonate, commonly known as soda ash, and maybe a tiny bit of peroxide. Sodium carbonate and peroxide are inexpensive ingredients so why pay the nearly $1 per tablet that some luxury-branded cleaning tablets cost? This product cost about $0.13 per tablet.

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  4. Conrad Dupuis

    Ça fait la job

    Ça fait la job

  5. Just K


    I only use filtered/purified water in my Nespresso machine, but we use it so much, the machine does get dirty. The clear plastic tank is no longer completely clear, and our coffee starts tasting less tasty. These tablets work wonders. I fill up the tank, use one tablet in the brew basket in an emptied out nespresso pod (used and rinsed), and one dissolved tablet in the tank– and at the end of the cycle (you have to set a long cycle to empty the whole tank), everything is crystal clear. I run two more cycles of clear water and everything looks great.Great bargain. Much better cost than nespresso brand cleaners, and works just as well, if not better.

  6. andiesenji

    Works as described

    I used these tablets in my espresso machine and in my Dulce Gusto machine and both expressed a significant amount of dirty water so the tablets really work.In my opinion they are better than the more expensive ones I had been using (which were difficult to break down)these dissolved rapidly.Two additional charges of plain water ended with sparkling clear water, no hint of residue.Cost is very reasonable.

  7. ShoppersDelight

    Not worth it.

    I purchased this product on Amazon, but after further research I decided to cancel my purchase. This is not a descaler. It is simply glorified dish soap without the suds. It is only designed to clean off the oily residue from brewing coffee. It is not meant to be used within the machine only on the external parts. It can clean the Brew Basket on drip coffee makers and also portafilter on espresso machines. It could pretty much clean any coffee makers reusable filters. However dish soap can do the same thing at a fraction of the price.I’m not saying this is a bad product but I found it more useful to invest in a descaling agent, to clean the internal parts of the machine.Also according to other reviews this product does not provide ingredient information on the packaging. So I thought it would be safer to stick with a decent dish soap that I know is not harmful.

  8. Rivendell

    Great deal, would like to know what’s in it…

    Like the other reviewers, I would like to know what’s in this cleaning tablet, but giving the benefit of the doubt, it worked as expected in my Saeco Xelsis coffee machine, and the cleaning cycle does built in rinsing and there was no strange aftertaste or anything. The wash water came out with coffee sediment and a little foam from the tablet, and the undissolved portion of the tablet (minimal) landed in the coffee grounds drawer. It appears to work as expected, and this is a great price for 100 tablets.

  9. jbshutes

    Simplicity at its finest.

    Easy to use great value, great seller.Overall very happy.

  10. Aura E

    Great value

    Great value. Good product

  11. petegix

    Cleans the coffee machine and saves me money

    This cleans my coffee machine just as well as the name brand cleaner and it is cheaper.

  12. Steve W.

    Works Well, But Only Cleans Removable Parts

    I was interested in these cleaning tabs as an easy way to clean and maintain my espresso machine. The instructions say to put a tab in the basket and run hot water through it, which I found to have minimal effect and was a waste of a cleaning tablet. What I found that worked much better was to skip that and put a tab in a small bowl of hot water and soak the basket and portafilter for a few minutes, then run a brush over the accessible surfaces and rinse well. The tabs did a good job of cleaning and didn’t seem to leave any residue or weird flavors, but based on the cost of this product, I’m not sure if I would purchase it in the future or not. Considering that it only cleans removable parts and nothing internal or difficult to access, as they insinuate, it seems like there might be more cost-effective products that work just as well. I give it 5-stars for cleaning, but only 3-stars for value.

  13. Doc Random

    Works well – good value

    I have a Breville BES870BSXL and clean it more often than just when the little “clean me” light comes on. I also de-scale it every time since the water here is moderately hard. It takes 2 cleaning tabs to get the water coming out to taste as good as the water going in, but it also took 2 tabs of a more expensive brand to do the same job so I’d say this stuff is pretty good and a good deal too.

  14. Chris & Karen

    All Broken and crumbling

    These were all broken up, powdered and falling apart. Made in China at its best.

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    Money worth

    The dissolution is very slow, and when i soaked the expresso handle into the dissolution water without fully cover, it shows the dissolution water mark. That’s mean the cleaning works but not looking good. Guess i will have to soaking it into dissolution water completely again next time. Generally speaking, the cleaning works cuz i can tell the water running through better, just a bit disappointed that dissolution takes longer.

  16. a1jay1p

    Timely delivery. Good price!

    Timely delivery. Good price!

  17. G. Hearn

    Little information on the packaging.

    The thing that is unsettling/unnerving is the fact that there is no information given concerning the ingredients or the country of origin. There is very little information online other than the fact that the products of this company are sold around the world. Due to this, I have to assume that this product is probably from China. I try not to purchase items knowingly from China that I plan to ingest. Having said that, I have gone ahead and tried this product due to the fact that I am simply washing out my machine with it. I rinsed it very well afterwards. The tablets work as expected. I have a Gaggia machine. I usually use one larger tablet, but as these tablets are somewhat smaller, I have used 2. I recommend that you follow the instructions that came with your machine to know exactly how to use these tablets. Please note that these tablets are not what you use for your typical descaling. Descaling is where you fill your water tank with a solution and it runs throughout the machine. In my machine these tablets go into where you would put already ground coffee. But again I recommend you check the specific information for your machine first.

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  18. Parker-Moore Family

    Great value, used to clean 4 machines weekly

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     We have 4 coffee machines (multiple-brands), including one espresso and one k-pod machine. We were paying a small future for the tablets. This is a great value for the quaintly. We clean our machines at the end of each week.

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  19. Ezra

    Works well for my Breville Barista Express machine.

    This CleanHike espresso cleaning tablets comes in a small container with 100 tablets loosely packed inside. I checked all the tablets inside, there are a couple of tablets slightly broken on the corners. But it is not a big issue and I am still able to use them. Each tablet is smaller than a penny coin, as you can see from my second photo.I have Breville Barista Express machine at home and I tested this tablet today. After the cleaning cycle is done, I can see the waste water is dirty. That means my machine is cleaned and the tablet works well. Since I only need to run the cleaning cycle every once a while, these 100 tablets will last a long time for me. I like the product and I would recommend.

  20. Eddie Culin

    Get the job done at an affordable price

    It’s hard to really weigh in on the scope of effectiveness with something as specific as an espresso machine cleaning tablet but based off the two different kinds I’ve used, these work great and you get a 100 for under $15. I’m pretty much set for life.

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  21. Kelsy

    Fast and easy!

    I try to wash the coffee pot as often as possible, but I hadn’t found a great way to do that. I used to use a mixture of vinegar and water, but that made my whole house smell like vinegar. These are super easy to use. They cleaned out the coffee maker well. I like that for a small price you can clean your coffee maker 100 times.

  22. canela

    great product

    these were perfect, easy to use, and similar to the ones that came with my espresso machine. I was super pleased with the item and the price. I will definitely purchase more.

  23. AJ

    Good value yes, but no ingredients listed or country of origin. Not a risk I will take.

    I was excited about this because other brands of these cleaning tablets are fairly expensive. The container was smaller than I expected, about the size of my petite vitamins container. The tablets were sealed well by a foil lid.When I saw “non-toxic” and “antibacterial” on the label, but also the word “natural” on the product label, I went looking for the ingredients. There are none available on the product, nor in the listing. In addition, the country of origin is not listed and unknown. We make about 4-6 espresso shots per day in our family, and the machine itself was quite expensive, so I do not feel safe running a cleaning cycle with a tablet of unknown ingredients. I do not feel comfortable drinking coffee after cleaning my machine with this tablet; and I don’t feel comfortable risking the investment in my espresso machine. Note: I did post a question regarding the tablet ingredients to ask the Seller, but have not yet heard back. I will edit the review once I have more information.

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  24. J. Spiegel

    It cleans a coffee machine,

    CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning TabletsFirst I find the instructions confusing. I’m assuming the brew basket on an espresso machine is the portafilter. So, figuring that I placed a tablet in the basket and then in the machine ran a couple of rinsing cycles through it and into a catch cup. Then I let it sit for awhile. When I removed the portafilter a big chunk of the tablet was still there nicely softened. After the portafilter was cool enough to handle I took it to the sink and disassembled it and washed it like I normally do after a session. It may have done something better than just water but I can’t tell yet. Maybe I need to get it dirtier than it is. I’ll give the product the benefit of the doubt and it cleans better than I’m seeing. The jury is out for now and I’ll keep trying to see what it will do for me.

  25. UofM Tiger

    Work Great

    I haven’t noticed any difference from the original versions when cleaning my Breville Espresso machine, other than the price. I will definitely order more when these are gone.

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