CleanHike Baby Cleaning Tablets

Safe and Easy Cleaning Solution for Busy Moms
Taking care of your little angel is rewarding, but comes with lots of bottles, containers, and accessories to wash. You already have a lot on your plate! Stop wasting time on tedious stuff and let us do the job for you- Gently, safely, but powerfully.

What is it?
Effervescent, no-scrub cleaning tablets for home use. Upon contact with water, the tablets release a gentle oxygen fizz that eliminates odor and effectively removes any grease, stains, or mineral buildup to restore the fresh water taste. Individually packaged for easy use on the go. Made up of only pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients to ensure safety.

How does it work?

• Removes milk film and food bits
• Keeps hard-to-reach corners clean
• No scrubbing needed
• Fast and easy use
• Cleans all types of baby products

How does it work?

  1. Fill baby bottle with warm water
  2. Drop 1 tablet inside. The tablet will start releasing a gentle fizz
  3. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water & Enjoy!

* Use hot water & leave it overnight for stubborn stains or odor

* For cleaning caps and small accessories, fill a bowl with warm water and just drop in another tablet!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Let Us Clean, Enjoy Your Free Time
All you need is a single tablet and some warm water. After 15 minutes…voilá! Your baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and breast pump components will be squeaky clean. Let the fizz strip your them of any juice stains, milk film, or any baby food residue.

Take It Anywhere!
Take these tablets with you anywhere to keep your baby bottles, toys and other accessories completely clean wherever you are. What is touched, and often put into the mouth of your baby should be as safe as it can be.

Safe and Biodegradable Formula
Carefully formulated for the safety of your precious little one. All food grade and pharmaceutical ingredients, non-toxic, no chlorine, and biodegradable.

A Helping Hand

Traveling with your baby
Each tablet is individually packaged to fit right into your diaper bag and carry on board with you without the concern of whether you’re meeting the container size requirements. As it is a powder-type tablet, it won’t burst with pressure changes either.

Picnics and outdoor activities
When you’re outside with your toddler, how can you make sure baby bottles, spoons, and toys are clean safe to use? If you’d rather not use harsh alcohol on baby products, you can trust our formula made up of pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients.

Helps you multi-task
Save time scrubbing dishes and cups for your baby. While the formula fizzes away the dirty bits, you can focus on more important matters.


Tried & Tested

We care for you, and for our planet.
Our products are only made up of phamaceutical and food-grade ingredients, carefully crafted and meticulously tested numerous times to make sure that it’s safe for both you and the environment.

At CleanHike, we continuously strive to bring you the most effective cleaners for the most affordable prices.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 4 × 6 in

10 reviews for Baby Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets – (30 Pack) Natural Bottle Cleaner for Milk Bottles, Tabs for Stainless Steel and Plastic Kid’s Tumbler – Individually Packed

  1. LiveWithTech

    Works great in cleaning baby milk bottles!!

    My wife tried on a couple of baby milk bottles which we have here and she said it worked great. Overall happy with the product.Our (My wife & I) 2 cents below:Pros:- Cleaned baby milk bottle pretty well. Wife is overall happy with the product- Good for removing the odors and even stain- Easy to use. No extra efforts required- Non-toxic and baby safe- Each tablet are individually packed and so can be used multiple time without worry of it getting spoiled being kept open- Very reasonably priced for 30 cleaning tabletsCons:- None, which I see for this price and pack of 30 tablets

    One person found this helpful
  2. ☕ Creative Coffee ☕

    Cleans, but Leaves a Minty Scent and Flavor

    I’m pretty sure these are just denture cleaner tabs repackaged as bottle cleaners. These do work to clean my stainless steel Foogo Thermos Sippy Cups, but they leave a minty scent and flavor. I once got a sample of another effervescent bottle cleaner and it did not have the minty additives, which is preferred. However, they are easy to use just plop them in the container and let them fizz. Shake, rinse, and use. But, because of the mint, I would soak again in hot water overnight.Hope you found this review helpful!

    One person found this helpful
  3. Mereseydotes

    Better than the other kind I tried

    I requested these water bottle cleaning tablets because the listing said that they also work for stainless steel bottles. I have a steel coffee bottle/ mug that I use every day and the inside does not look great. I tried a different brand of cleaning tablets and the bottom 2/3 of the mug got really clean, but there was residue left towards the top. I tried one of these tablets with hot water from my water cooler. The residue from near the top is gone, but the mug as a whole is still discolored. Maybe it just takes a few uses?

    One person found this helpful
  4. london

    Work great!

    These are really nice for thorough bottle cleaning! We like to use them for the occasional deep clean in between uses. We also like them for when bottles accidentally get left in the car or diaper bag and end up really stinky! We like the peace of mind of getting them thoroughly cleaned out.

  5. Victoria del Rio

    Great clean

    Great deep clean once a month to get rid of the rings in your bottle

  6. Stefanie2530

    Works Great, SO Easy To Use, NO Foul Taste

    We babysit my sister in law’s 6 month old a few times each month. The baby uses a bottle. Instead of having to take a bottle brush and clean the bottles out good and hope all of the dishsoap washes out and doesn’t leave a bad taste behind, we now use CleanHike’s cleaning tablets. And they are SO very easy to use. Fill the bottles with warm water and add a tablet. 15 minutes later, shake the bottle, empty it, rinse it and you’re good to go! Doesn’t leave any taste behind and it is safe for babies. Much easier than shoving a little bottle brush into the bottle and scrubbing it out! The water where we live is awful. Disgusting taste. There is a spring water machine less than half a mile from our home where we go to fill up gallon jugs of drinking/cooking water. I recently filled the jugs but before I return to fill the jugs I’m going to try the CleanHike tablet in those gallon jugs as well. These tablets are safe to use and do a great cleaning job. And they dont’ affect the taste of the water at all! If you have water bottles, baby bottles, etc , I recommend using CleanHike tablets to clean the bottles.

  7. Gaby at Starting Fresh blog

    Deep cleans bottles

    We used these for our water bottles and it helps to give it a deep clean. We had initially been worried about the chemicals that might be in these tablets but they’re similar to what is used in the tablets to clean night guards, dentures, etc.

  8. Chicken Mama

    Worked so well

    I used these in a water bottle that I use for lemonade. It tends to be cloudy after using so I was hoping it would take it out a bit. I used 2 tablets bc it’s a big water bottle. You fill with hot water, drop the tablets in (works like alka seltzer) and let it sit for the amount of time on the package. After that you shake it and rinse it out. I did notice a bit difference. Hard to tell by the photos but I promise in person there was a difference. I also used it to clean my Keurig water reserve and it did great on that too. I’ll buy more of these and use weekly.

  9. Heather C. Redding

    Works like magic with little effort.

    Took care of all of our stinky milk/water bottles/straws. Even when rinsing and washing immediately plastic water bottles still start to smell sour after some time. These tablets got out all the sour from our reusable straws as well. So much better than bleach and has such a pleasant clean smell afterwards. Bottles are looking nice and clear and shiny again. Easy to open and individually packaged. Would definitely recommend.

  10. Wiwse

    Where have you been all my life?

    There is nothing grosser than finding a missing sippy cup or baby bottle and I’ve tossed more than one rather than face cleaning it out. Sometimes I’ll throw an automatic dishwasher pack in and let it sit in overnight, but I’ve always been hesitant to use bleach because I’m afraid it might leave residue behind. THESE are amazing!I tossed a single tablet into one bottle and two into a really gross bottle and they both came out smelling fresh and NOT chemically. I do still clean the bottles afterwards, but it gets rid of the initial smell and I couldn’t detect any scent after using these tablets which made it a lot easier for me to handle the clean up.

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